Breathtaking wedding dresses you should try on

Wona’s bridal designs emphasize tenderness and beauty through unique styles and elements. We keep up with the latest bridalwear trends to add glamour and character to our designer wedding dresses.

  • Eva Lendel Alegra
  • Eva Lendel Jess
  • Lanvee dress by Eva Lendel from Less is More 2023Lanvee dress 1 by Eva Lendel from Less is More 2023
    Eva Lendel Lanvee
  • Lea dress by Eva Lendel from Less is More 2023Lea dress 1 by Eva Lendel from Less is More 2023
    Eva Lendel Lea
  • Eva Lendel Lika
  • Eclipse dress by Eva Lendel from Less is More 2023Eclipse dress 1 by Eva Lendel from Less is More 2023
    Eva Lendel Eclipse
  • WONA Aja
  • Eva Lendel Aretta
  • WONA Aivis
  • Eva Lendel Brie
  • Eva Lendel Lira
  • WONA Ortega
  • Eva Lendel Debora
  • WONA Marika
  • Available on request
    WONA Roma
  • WONA Goddess
  • Eva Lendel Lennox
  • Eva Lendel Lindsay
  • Available on request
    Eva Lendel Emma
  • Eva Lendel Robin
  • Eva Lendel Allie
  • WONA Couture Serena
  • Eva Lendel Darling
  • Eva Lendel Samanta

Find a bridal attire that lets your personality shine on the big day! Make an appointment to try on exclusive wedding gowns in a Los Angeles boutique.

Gorgeous wedding dress for your perfect bridal look

Bridal shopping is easier if you know the current trends, flattering styles, and general tips for a successful wedding gown haunt.  However, we’re confident that saying “yes” to a dress is easy with a bit of guidance. Visit our boutique for professional advice and try on gorgeous wedding dresses in LA. With a wide selection of gowns, veils, and unique accessories, you can create a show-stopping look for your special day!

Our range of bridal dresses – spoiler alert: you'll have plenty to choose from

In each collection, we combine timeless silhouettes with extravagant elements and luxurious details to offer our clients like-no-other bridalwear options. Whether you’re a romantic at heart, a brave fashionista not scared to show off some skin, or modest in your taste, you can find your dream wedding dress in our selection.

Silhouettes: from A-line to fitted bodice

WONÁ Concept is an inclusive bridalwear brand catering to all body types and sizes. We offer brave choices and classic options like:

  • Jumpsuits;
  • Bridal mini dresses;
  • Ball gowns;
  • Fit and flare brides dresses;
  • Sheath gowns;
  • A mermaid or trumpet silhouette;
  • An A-line bridal gown.

Whether you want to embrace your curves, highlight your assets, or feel the princess fantasy in the voluminous wedding ball gown, we got it all!

Styles: from modest to sexy

Find a style that matches your personality and wedding celebration theme! You name it:

  • Romantic florals;
  • Boho-inspired dresses;
  • Regal trains;
  • Editorial and minimalistic designs;
  • Chick high-slits and flirtatious low-back cuts;
  • Modest lace.

Bridal dresses: exquisite details and show-stopping elements

Do you know what makes or breaks your bridal look? Details! We’re famous for delivering glamour, adding charismatic elements, and combining several trends in our designs.

Why be boring when you can be fascinating? We know how a bride can make a great entrance, from an elegant wedding gown with statement sleeves and dramatic ruffled skirts to bejeweled dresses, 3D floral applique, or oversized bows.

7 Wedding dress shopping tips

Is there a way to turn bridalwear shopping into the most exciting and fun activity? Hell, yes! Wedding dress shopping in Los Angeles can be a successful mission if you follow those seven tips and lifehacks:

  • Research current fashion trends for some inspiration. Go through Pinterest and bridal magazines to look at what’s in this season and get an idea of what you would love to try on.
  • Don’t bring the entire wedding party to the dress fitting: a couple of trusted voices is enough. Having too many people at the bridal shop only confuses and distracts brides, slowing down the whole process. Bring someone whose opinion you trust, like a mom, maid of honor, or a personal stylist.
  • Be clear on your budget. Be transparent with yourself and consultants at the boutique on what your budget allows. Research the average prices from various brands to set appropriate limits for yourself.
  • The bridal look is more than a dress: remember about extra expenses. Things like shoes, veils, accessories, and other elements for your wedding day look cost money. Thus, include accessorizing costs to the total budget.
  • Keep the option open: try on different styles. Sometimes we get stuck up on the dress idea we saw 10 years ago in a magazine. Try something out of your comfort zone. Maybe you’ll fall in love with it!
  • Think of the context and wedding ceremony setup. That ball gown you put aside is magical, but will it be practical for your beach ceremony? The mini dress and high-slit skirt are fabulous choices, but maybe a bit too fashionable for a church. You got the idea!
  • Stay true to yourself. Don’t change yourself for your wedding day because specific styles and silhouettes are trending. If the giant bow or sea of ruffles is not you, let someone else have it. The goal is to find a gown that reflects your personality and makes you shine from happiness.

Find your dream wedding dress in our WONA LA collections

See a style or silhouette in our collection that you like. Maybe it’s love at first sight! Visit our boutique to try a beautiful wedding dress.

Popular questions

When is the best time to start choosing a wedding gown?

We recommended starting dress shopping at least 10 months before the wedding to secure enough time to find the perfect gown. However, sometimes you can find great last-minute deals.

Is it possible to personalize a wedding dress?

Yes, the bridal boutique can personalize the gown with simple alterations to fit you like a glove.

How to choose a wedding dress according to your body type?

Bridalwear is inclusive of all body shapes. The secret to finding the most flattering silhouette is combining the right neckline and skirt to balance your proportions. You can learn more tips for your specific body types before hitting the shops.

How much will the dress cost?

You need a budget between $3,000 and $8,000 to shop for a designer wedding gown in the USA.

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