Long wedding dresses in our collections

WONÁ LA’s long wedding dress is the essence of romance and sophistication. We invite you to explore the world of elegance that these dresses bring. Whether you are planning to have a grand ballroom celebration, a picturesque garden ceremony, or a serene beach wedding, our diverse range of styles makes sure that every bride finds their perfect match. Your special day will be unforgettable with the depth and glamour of the long gowns that the WONÁ collection has to offer!

  • Eva Lendel Alegra
  • Eva Lendel Jess
  • Lanvee dress by Eva Lendel from Less is More 2023Lanvee dress 1 by Eva Lendel from Less is More 2023
    Eva Lendel Lanvee
  • Lea dress by Eva Lendel from Less is More 2023Lea dress 1 by Eva Lendel from Less is More 2023
    Eva Lendel Lea
  • Eva Lendel Lika
  • Eclipse dress by Eva Lendel from Less is More 2023Eclipse dress 1 by Eva Lendel from Less is More 2023
    Eva Lendel Eclipse
  • WONA Aja
  • Eva Lendel Aretta
  • WONA Aivis
  • Eva Lendel Brie
  • Eva Lendel Lira
  • WONA Ortega
  • Eva Lendel Debora
  • WONA Marika
  • Available on request
    WONA Roma
  • WONA Goddess
  • Eva Lendel Lennox
  • Eva Lendel Lindsay
  • Available on request
    Eva Lendel Emma
  • Eva Lendel Robin
  • Eva Lendel Allie
  • WONA Couture Serena
  • Eva Lendel Darling
  • Eva Lendel Samanta

Styles of full-length wedding dresses

The variety of styles that you can discover in our shop is awe-inspiring! We always embrace the latest trends to craft a perfect wedding dress for you! The bridal style of a floor-length wedding dress is ever-evolving. However, there are some pieces that can suit everyone, no matter their preferences and wedding themes.

When you visit the WONÁ salon while looking for your dream dress, you can find designs that include classic A-line silhouettes, glamorous mermaid gowns, elegant ball gown styles, sleek sheath dresses, romantic bohemian-inspired gowns, long sleeve wedding dresses, and beautiful designs with short sleeves. Wearing WONÁ long gowns, you can feel like a princess when walking down an aisle.

Who is suitable for a long bridal dress?

A long bridal dress from our collection is perfect for any bride! Everyone who is looking for a personalized silhouette regardless of their wedding ceremony can find out that such gowns are crafted specifically for them! WONÁ designers take all preferences, themes, and trends into consideration when creating our dresses.

What to look for when choosing long wedding gowns?

There are many features and factors to consider when choosing a long gown. First of all, think of a venue where your love story will unfold. Secondly, follow your passions and preferences as you have to love your dress and yourself wearing it! Think whether you want to emphasize your neck, highlight your waist, or maybe open up your shoulders. The dress should be a reflection of your individuality! You can rest assured that WONÁ Bridal LA is here to help and accompany you on this journey! We want nothing less than to ensure you choose a dress that only compliments your vision and radiates your natural beauty! This process is thoughtful, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Finding a beautiful long wedding dress at WONÁ

The journey to your perfect wedding day begins with WONÁ Bridal LA! Browse our options of gowns made of lace, chiffon, organza, or any other fabric. Check out skirts, dresses, and suits. Discover V-necklines and high-neck dresses. Immerse yourself in the magic of WONÁ's intricate details in each and every wedding dress!

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