Here you will find a wedding veil to match your dress

Delicate and captivating – veils add that soft feminine touch to your wedding day look. Bridal dress shopping doesn’t stop with a gown. It’s time to choose the right bridal accessories to elevate your wedding dress.

Discover our collection of unique wedding veils​​ featuring intricate lace, exquisite floral embroidery, and layers of delicate tulle. Create an awe-inspiring look that takes the breath away with WONÁ LA.

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Bridal veils: Style guide

Embrace the timeless tradition with a modern and glamorous twist! At WONÁ, we’re breaking the stereotype that wedding veils are only for conservative looks.

Complement the gown and enhance the natural beauty with a magical veil that flatters your bridal style. Add a romantic flare with tender lace elements and embroidered edges. Go full Hollywood glam with shimmery fabrics, sequins, and glitter. Or create an editorial wedding day ensemble with a veil stuffed with pearls or decorated with shiny rhinestones.

Still think that veils are not for you? Try one on and see how it frames your face, making you look truly radiant!

What length of the wedding veil should you choose?

The bridal fashion has seen everything: dramatically long ones, Juliet caps, short veils covering just your shoulders, and even little hat veils. What to choose for a ceremony to look chic?

Chapel length

The chapel veil is the classic option that cascades down to the floor. Usually, it measures from 85 to 95 inches long, depending on the bride’s height. Traditionally, it reaches out to the hemline of the dress or puddles on the floor.

Cathedral length

Cathedral length, as well known as royal length, is an infamous veil that dramatically spreads behind you on the aisle. The traditional length is between 108 and 120 inches. Note that cathedral veils are usually worn only for a ceremony and photoshoots. Also, you might require help from your bridesmaids or flower girls to carry it for you.

Fashion tips: Finding the wedding veil that will suit you best

The best advice for creating a flawless bridal ensemble is to keep it simple without overwhelming your look. If the dress has statement details, voluminous skirts, and rich decorative elements, go for a simple sheer veil to add a delicate touch. A minimalist or pure silk gown will look absolutely magnificent with extravagant bridal veils embellished with applique or pearls.

Do trial hairstyles to find what compliments your dress and veil. You can keep your hair down with effortless waves or wear a tasteful up-do – it works either way.

Discover our designer wedding veils and find your favorite

Visit our bridal boutique to try on exclusive and chic wedding veils in Los Angeles. Experiment with lengths and styles to find the perfect finishing touch to your gorgeous dress – radiate love with WONÁ LA!

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