Modern bridal dresses

When it comes to finding the dress of your dreams, WONÁ LA offers a curated collection of chic and breathtaking modern wedding dresses. Our gowns are designed to make every bride feel confident, elegant, and truly herself on their special day. If you want to create a contemporary look that will reflect your individuality, look no further!

  • Eva Lendel Alegra
  • Eva Lendel Jess
  • Lanvee dress by Eva Lendel from Less is More 2023Lanvee dress 1 by Eva Lendel from Less is More 2023
    Eva Lendel Lanvee
  • Eva Lendel Lika
  • WONA Aja
  • Eva Lendel Aretta
  • Eva Lendel Brie
  • Eva Lendel Lira
  • WONA Ortega
  • Eva Lendel Lennox
  • Available on request
    Eva Lendel Emma
  • WONA Couture Devi
  • WONA Luisa
  • WONA Odri
  • WONA Gracelynn
  • WONA Grazia
  • Eva Lendel Jolie
  • Eva Lendel Delphi
  • Available on request
    Eva Lendel Venus
  • WONA Dara
  • WONA Couture Sonata
  • WONA Couture Bordo
  • WONA Bronte
  • Available on request
    WONA Vivien

Modern style wedding dresses suited to every bride

All brides are different, with their own styles, preferences, and wedding themes. At WONÁ LA, we understand that fully! We are more than happy to embrace diversity and complement your look and natural beauty on your big day. Visit our shop and find a design to cater to all your needs. From a sleek silhouette to a romantic ball gown to a trendy vintage style, we have the perfect fit to suit your individuality.

Different styles of modern wedding dresses offered by WONÁ

WONÁ modern bridal dresses showcase how precise we are to all details, necklines, fabrics, buttons, laces, and seams. If you are still hesitating about which style is yours, explore our range of modern dresses crafted with precision, love, and attention. What do you find at our store? A minimalist sheath dress, intricate mermaid gown, tea-length wedding dress, short wedding dresses, sweetheart silhouette, and many more!

We are also aware of different tastes in fabrics. So, at the WONÁ shop, you can discover lace, chiffon, satin, silk, organza, crepe, etc. Do you want to highlight your waist? Or maybe to focus on shoulders? Or you would like something to complement your neck? Discover all the designs with us!

How to complement a modern gown with accessories

You have to select accessories carefully to complete your modern bridal look. When you get a consultation from our expert consultants at WONÁ, they can guide you in choosing the perfect veil, statement earrings, or delicate belt to enhance your gown. We do understand that it is always small details that can make a big difference. make sure you have a picture-perfect look!

Selecting a modern bridal dress for your ceremony

Finding the ideal modern wedding gown is a dream come true! And you have reached the right address. WONÁ Bridal LA is here to help you find the dress that fits flawlessly on your special day, from reception to party! By purchasing WONÁ perfect wedding dress, you buy a ticket to the best day of your life! Make sure to schedule a fitting with our experienced team, or just order a dress online! Let us help you to step into married life with confidence and style.

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