Charming mermaid wedding dresses for a glamorous look

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Make an appointment at WONÁ Bridal LA boutique to discover our fabulous collection of fit-and-flare gowns and find THE ONE! Get a glamorous mermaid wedding dress to show off those hips and forms and feel like a real-life goddess!

Mermaid wedding dress: a win-win option for celebrating your curves

Mermaid-style dresses are confidence boosts you need to embrace your body and forms, no matter the size of the tag. So put your insecurities aside and let the mermaid gown do its magic! With a fitted portion following your body curves, a fishtail dress can highlight your best features as a naturally slimmer waist, wider hips, and bust.

Mermaid wedding dresses look the most flattering on the hourglass-shaped brides. However, high-quality boning and sewed-in corsets transform any body type, creating that seductive silhouette. Try multiple styles and designs to find the neckline that flatters your figure, balancing out the proportions. For example, apples and pears benefit from a plunging v-neck, while rectangular should go for a round or cowl neckline. Extra fashion tips for you: try gowns with a long or puffy sleeve if you lack volume in your upper body to create a well-balanced silhouette.

Styling tips: what accessories go with a mermaid dress?

Some might argue that you don’t need to go big on accessorizing while wearing the fishtail wedding dress. Some of those beautiful sexy wedding dresses are embellished with rhinestones or pearls and have floral 3D appliques, exquisite lace details, or shimmery fabrics. However, don’t stop yourself from experimenting with detachable luscious tulle skirts, see-through sleeves, or extravagant veils. Shop at WONÁ Bridal LA for an add-on statement train and other accessories to transform your mermaid gown and get two wedding looks.

WONA's mermaid wedding gowns: It’s all about high quality and charm

When you shop with WONÁ, we want you to prioritize your personal style. Our big collection of mermaid dresses offers exclusive and luxurious options, from dreamy romantic tulle and delicate lace to trendy cut-outs, bejeweled corsets, and statement bows. Choose the fabric, style, and design that helps you radiate love and confidence. Slay your wedding day with WONÁ Bridal LA!

FAQ about mermaid bridal dresses

What is the difference between a trumpet and a mermaid dress?

The trumpet gown has more smooth flare starting from a mid-thigh, while a mermaid-style wedding dress flares out at or below the knee, resembling a fishtail.

What body type looks flattering in the mermaid-style gown?

The mermaid dress looks absolutely stunning on curvaceous and hourglass-shaped brides. Yet, WONÁ’s designers know the right combination of fabrics, details, and silhouettes to make such wedding gowns look flattering on everyone!

What to wear underneath a mermaid wedding dress?

Most mermaid dresses have corsets, sewed-in bra cups, and boning to create that appealing and sexy silhouette. You can wear bridal shapewear, seamless underwear, or go commando, depending on the gown’s fabric and what makes you feel more comfortable and confident.

Is it comfortable to move and sit in a mermaid dress?

A mermaid bridal dress is skin-tight and might be less comfortable than A-line, but you can still move, sit, and DANCE on your big day.

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